Saturday, October 8, 2016

General Guidelines For:

-Being Happy

1. Do what you wish you would do in the situation you are in.
2. Reward yourself with happiness. Give yourself happiness. Take a moment to be happy, meditate, breathe, concentrate on the feeling of happiness and accept yourself and what you have done as good and worth doing again and again.

-The Order In Which To Do Things

1. Make a list of all the things you need to do (or some of them if "all" is too many)
2. Estimate how much time it will take to do each one from the moment you think about doing it until it is done.
3. Rate each one by urgency
4. Do the one that is the most urgent and for which you have the time to complete immediately.

Ex. I need to mail my taxes which is urgency number 2 and will take me a half hour. Unfortunately I only have 20 minutes before going to work. I also need to do the dishes which is urgency number 3 but will only take me 10 minutes. So I should do the dishes.

By doing completing things at once or at least cutting them up into portions that are easy to track you don't have to do any part of them twice. And by doing what is most urgent first, you don't fall behind.

-Buying Things

1. If you use it every day spend money on it.
2. If you only use every once in a while spend much less money on it.

If you don't use something often, you don't put the wear and tear on it that only high quality things can resist so it makes no sense to spend a lot of money on it even if it's really cool. But if you use something everyday or at least a few times a week, you'll likely put a lot of wear and tear on it and you will constantly be replacing it until you buy something that is higher quality and that can withstand the strain of constant use (at least for a while).

-How To Treat Other People

In general and within reason, it is actually much kinder and more useful and respectful to treat others how they want to be treated and not how you want to be treated. People are different and empathy and respect are what help us to get along despite those very real differences.

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